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About Moriarisa


I moved to Göttingen, Germany from Tokyo.
I’m a full-time housewife living in Germany!




Full-time housewife living in Germany (from April 2021)

← Pronite ← Office worker



  • Travel (visited 22 countries, almost conquered in Japan)
  • Drama and music (I like Korean dramas, BTS, karaoke)
  • Love my dog (see “Life with a Welsh Terrier” 🐾)
  • Sweets (tea time is worth living)
  • German (super beginners who have just started)

The goal

Living happily and happily
Being physically and mentally healthy

More specifically

Living a life surrounded by exciting things with loved ones
Living freely without being bound by place or organization


About my blog

About this blog

While struggling in the new environment of Germany, I am delivering how I can live while enjoying every day!


The reason for opening a blog

“What am I living for?”

Suddenly becoming a pronite and having endless time to face myself, I arrived at the ultimate question.


In response to this question

I live for me!

Then it’s a waste to just consume every day!

I want to cherish my voice and crush more and spend every day happily!

I want to keep a record!

I thought that was the trigger.


What I am aiming for

I hope that people who are struggling with life or who want to try new things will read my blog as an example and broaden their choices by saying, “There is such a way of life.”

Emigration is extremely difficult, but every day is fresh and quite interesting! I also want to tell you that.

Also, I’ve been indebted to my ancestors’ blogs before and after I moved to Germany, so I’d like to write a reproducible article that will be helpful to anyone in need.

In fact, Göttingen is a very nice place, so I have a secret ambition to contribute to raising the profile.


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